A decision by Peace Wapiti teachers to follow the lead of an estimated 13,500 of their colleagues has left many people wondering whether or not their public and separate school divisions will be next.
That includes the High Prairie School Divsision (HPSD) which employs an estimated 220 teachers in municipalities such as Falher and Donnelly.
Ken Regal, HPSD superintendent, stated last Friday that he is hopeful an agreement between the Board and teachers can be reached in the near future. That optimism falls on the heels of a closed door meeting between the HPSD Board and teacher representatives last December.
“We’ve met once in what I felt was a successful day of negotiations,” said Regal who wouldn’t predict what the future may or may not hold. “In the interim, we expect no implications to occur within our region as a result of the action being taken in other parts of the province.”
A second meeting is scheduled for some time in March.
No affects are also anticipated at schools within the Holy Family Catholic Regional Division, which has educational facilities in High Prairie, Valleyview, McLennan, Peace River, Grimshaw and Manning.
A Feb. 1 press release stated: “Holy Family Schools will be open and operating as usual Feb. 4. The teachers for Holy Family Schools and the Board continue to work through a process for negotiating a new contract which is suitable for both parties.”
The division has 2,300 students and employs 150 teachers.