Stunt Street is the official name of the new regional skateboard facility planned for McLennan.
For suggesting the name, Adam Kuntz, 11, of McLennan, won a brand new skateboard donated by McLennan Home Hardware.
He was presented his prize from Doris Comeau, president of the Hamelin-Leiding Memorial Society, which is heading the project which will be located on the east side of H.W. Fish Arena.
“I was very excited about winning the contest,” said Adam, son of Lewis and Kim Kuntz.
He has never skateboarded before, and is looking forward to joining many of his friends who are avid skateboarders.
“My mom came up with the “Street” part and I came up with the “Street” part and we just put them together,” said Adam, who is also active in Tae Kwon Do.
But his father later told the Express that his son created a long list of names and asked his mother with making the final selection for his entry.
“He did that completely on his own,” said Kuntz. “He’s got a great imagination.”
“Boarder Avenue” was one of the other top suggestions, said Kuntz, but “Stunt Street” was more appealing and better reflects the sport.
“Stunt Street” was one of about 25 entries in the contest.
“This had the most originality and it best expresses how youth feel about the sport, involving stunts and techniques,” said Comeau. “It has a nice ring to it.”
Adam was inspired to enter the contest when they saw the poster during a visit at Movie Mania.
“I thought it would be cool to enter, “said Adam.
Then they got their heads together and came up with the name.
“Now you’ve got to get your mother to use the skateboard,” Comeau jokingly suggested to him.
“I doubt she’d skateboard if she had to,” Adam quickly responded.